Myriarch Project

The Myriarch framework enables a multi-architecture Internet that is both backwards-compatible and enables evolvability.

Many architectures proposed over the past decade achieved advances in addressing specific limitations (e.g., content-centrality in NDN, security in SCION). However, as as a single architecture does not fit all needs, Myriarch will enable the inter-operation of multiple architectures, to each evolve separately, leaving to applications the choice of the best for their needs. In addition, Myriarch will guarantee high performance, a crucial requirement for deployability. This is achieved by building the translation mechanisms into programmable hardware (including programmable ASICs) and performant packet-processing software (NFV).

The design of Myriarch will build on the expertise of the team on programmable networks (Lead PI Fernando Ramos), NFV (PI Daniel Corujo), and Internet Architecture (both).

We will further build on ongoing collaborations and consult with world leading experts in Internet Architecture (Jon Crowcroft, Univ. of Cambridge), security architectures (Adrian Perrig, ETH), NFV (Aurojit Panda, NYU), and Marie-Jose Montpetit (co-chair of IETF COINRG).

Our advisory board, including Altice Labs, CAPGEMINI, and Telefonica Research will help us fine tune the use cases and discuss potential deployment strategies.